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Infants (6 weeks - 17 months)

Our Infants program starts at 6 weeks of age, and our little ones will transition to our Toddlers Program at 14 months or as soon as they begin to walk. Our staff will make every minute of our student’s day fun and full of learning activities. They will learn everything with narration, as our teachers will explain the color of their food, what it is, what are they doing and what they are about to do. Even Though each classroom has a daily schedule, our infant’s classroom can vary under each child’s needs. For example: Our nap time is scheduled from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm according to Child Care Licensing, teachers will try for each child to follow this routine, but napping could be more frequent for them. 

Our Infant’s room is designed to stimulate all of their senses while creating a warm, nurturing, and secure environment for your little one. Starting the day you enroll your infant into our program, we will nurture their development and take care of their daily needs the same way you do. The classroom has a curriculum for the month, including activities that will help strengthen your little one’s physical and language development as well as their sensory skills.

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