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3 Years Old

Threes (Three Years Old)

Three-years olds are eager to explore their world, expand their new found love for language and discover their developing motors skills. Our classroom is designed to nurture your little one’s creative energy in a multi-sensory and information enriched environment. The curriculum for each month provides opportunities to develop skills, while still emphasizing the fun in learning new things, when a child reaches the age of three, they are ready to learn new skills and explore the world through hands-on activities.

This is the stage that a more advanced math, language skills and social studies will be introduced to our students, before it was slowly introduced into their everyday activities, but as they enter the three years olds classroom they will be assigned timing for each center and they will begin to understand what each of them mean. New activities will be introduced each week according to the weekly theme, students never repeat the same activity, but keep learning about the same subject, this is to keep their mind always learning without losing interest in learning.

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